CDS email message - CDS/15/11/11/a

Sent 15 Nov 2011

Service unavailable on Sunday 20th November 2011

In order to commission a new UPS, the service will be switched off 
at about 9am on Sunday 20th November.
Hopefully it will resume by 6pm but should be considered at-risk
until 10am on Monday 21st.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Other Recent News:

1. Please fill in the CDS Questionnaire at:

The survey is mainly tick boxes and it is estimated that it will only 
take a few minutes to complete. This will help us plan for the future
of a Chemical Database Service.

2. A new update of ICSD will be released on Thursday 17th November
after 4pm.

For further service information go to the CDS News Pages or Twitter (NB
login not needed)

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