CDS email message - CDS/23/11/11/a

Sent 23 Nov 2011

ICSD data update and CrystalWorks fully restored

New ICSD available via CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks

ICSD release 2011/2, that has already been released through the
ICSD-WWW interface, will be made available via both CrystalWeb and
CrystalWorks on Friday 25/11/11.

The switch to the new data will take place at ~3.00pm. If you expect
to be performing databases searches around that time you are advised
to restart your browser after the update to ensure you pick up all the
new data entries correctly.

Problems with CrystalWorks now corrected

There was a period on 21/11/11 to 22/11/11 when CrystalWorks was
broken. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. The default version of
CrystalWorks is now fully restored. You can access this via the CDS
frontpage or via the link:

During the outage we made available a development version of
CrystalWorks. Please note that this version will remain available via
the link:

This new version will become the default when a number of minor
display problems have been ironed out. For further details see the
CrystalWorks newsfile:

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