CDS email message - CDS/29/11/11/a

Sent 29 Nov 2011

Potential risks to Service

DNS Servers Replacement on Saturday 3/12/11:

The Darebury Laboratory Domain Servers will be upgraded on Saturday
3/12/11 at 11am. Both servers will be replaced and the process is
expected to take less than five minutes per server. The change is
taking place over a weekend to minimise disruption and to provide time
for any issues to be resolved before normal work on Monday.

The DNS servers convert device names into the numbered addresses
understood by the Internet.

It is not expected that this will have a major effect on the Chemical
Database Service. However, there may be problems for SPRESIweb and
certain behind the scenes functions within CrystalWorks. Others systems
may also be affected. It may make sense to avoid using the Service
around the time of the upgrade.

Please report any suspected problems which may have been caused by the

Service at risk Wednesday 30/10/11:

The Service may also be at risk Wednesday 30th Nov due to strike
action against public sector pension reforms

There are no known specific issues but STFC support staff may not be
on site to fix any problems that may arise. 
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