CDS email message - CDS/07/12/11/a

Sent 07 Dec 2011

The CrystalWorks interface improved

Major improvements to the CrystalWorks interface:

* A number of popup messages have been removed and you should see
fewer scroll bars in the display menus.

* There are differing menu options depending on whether you are
already logged in with a CDS username or not - for instance you only
get the search option if you are a logged in user.

* If you are not logged on there are details of how to register as a
CDS username and links to full details of the Service.

* There is now a logon and also a logout option.

* You are not presented with a sample Hits List when you enter

* There are new buttons to up load the Selected Example Entries or all
entries in the Southampton Repository to the Hits List window - these
option are available for both registered and non-registered users.

* There is a totally new facility which lets you control the ordering
criterion and display field options for the Hit List window.

Please contact us if you come across any problems with the new
version. As always suggestions for improvements and new facilities are

For further details see the CrystalWorks News Page:

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Reminder - please fill in the CDS Questionnaire if you have not done
so. It should only take a few moments to complete and is available via
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