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Sent 12 Dec 2011

New CDS Powder Diffraction Peak searching utility 'PeakQuest'

New CDS Powder Diffraction Peak searching utility 'PeakQuest' now available:

This is a combination of Brian Toby's CMPR/LOGIC and CDS generated powder data (over 100,000 patterns)

* CMPR is a multipurpose program that can be used for displaying diffraction data, 
  manual- & auto-indexing, peak fitting and much more.

* LOGIC can be used to locate entries in a PDF-2 format powder diffraction 
  database that match specifed conditions, i.e. contain certain elements and 
  not others, have peaks in certain locations, but do not have peaks in certain other locations.

* This database has been provided by CDS, allowing LOGIC to become operational again with CMPR

Please contact us if you come across any problems with this new utility. 

As always suggestions for improvements and new facilities are welcome. 

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