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Sent 11 Jan 2012

CSD Release 2012 release, IsoStar client, etc.

The Cambridge Structural Database full Release:

We wish to remind users that the CSD update 2012 (v5.33) is available
via ConQuest, Mercury, etc. It includes the Nov2011 data update and
was made available to CDS users at the end of last year.

There is now a total of 577,833 CSD structures. All the entries in
this release are also available via CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks.

For information about new features in the release, follow the link to
the Newsfile:

New Versions of the IsoStar and Mogul Knowledge Bases:

The new Cambridge Release includes updates for the Mogul (version
1.4) and IsoStar (version 2.1.3) systems - see:


IsoStar comes with a new version of its Client software. The old
version of the Client should continue to work. However, it will cease
to do so after 31/3/12. You are advised to download the new Client as
soon as possible. 

You can do so via a link from the IsoStar newsfile. There are also
links to the various CDS client downloads from the CDS homepage.

News about CrystalWorks and CrystalWeb:

A new filter/edit facility has been added to CrystalWorks. This allows
you to retain a sub-set of your current Hits List. More recently there
has been reformatting of the Top Level menu and the new Filter Hits
List page.

For CrystalWeb there have been some bug fixes and the obsolete
"Xtal-3D structure display" button has been removed. Use JMol instead.

For further details see:


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