CDS email message - CDS/03/02/12/a

Sent 03 Feb 2012

Components unavailable on Sunday 5th February 2012

We remind you that CrystalWeb/CrystalWorks, Detherm and Accord will be
unavailable on Sunday 5th February. This is because we will be
performing a major upgrade on our Oracle Server system on that day.

We advise you to avoid attempting to use the affected components for
the duration of the work. Progress updates on the work can be followed
on the CDS News area of the CDS homepage and on Twitter.

For details on how to access this news information see the further
information below, which we provide at the foot of all CDS broadcast

Please note that the slot for standard scheduled reboots has recently
been shifted to Mondays at 6:15pm. However, reboots are not likely to
be needed on all occasions.
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