CDS email message - CDS/21/03/2012/a

Sent 21 Mar 2012

New Version 2011 of DETHERM requires new Client Installation

The latest DETHERM collection of thermophysical data (2011-1) has recently 
been enhanced and includes the release of a new search and display Client 
package (2011-2). This client is now available for download by users of 
the Chemical Database Service. 

NB The new Detherm release can only be accessed by the new client.

The existing Detherm database will continue (release 2010) in parallel with 
the new one to give people time to migrate.

For further details follow the link:

Further links will be seen that give full details on how to configure the new client 
to connect to the new Detherm server.

Detherm on the Web has also been upgraded to the new version but does not require
anything other than a web browser to access it. The feature set is reduced 
compared to the client-server version however.

Other News :

- A patch for Mercury was issued recently (3.01) fixing the startup delays and some 
  problems with Windows PreQuest 2D Edit mode

- The Feb12 CSD data update has been added to CrystalWeb(v22.40)

- In CrystalWorks the "reduced" cell searching of all the component databases 
  can be combined with additional contraints such as elemental composition.
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