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Sent 01 Aug 2012

User trials and your details

Current Database Trials

As you may be aware we are currently holding User Trials for a couple
of database systems, and hope to be in a position to hold further
trials in the relatively near future.

We welcome feedback on your use of these systems and suggestions for
future trial systems. Please send comments to

One system currently undergoing a trial is the Chemisches ZentralBlatt

The other system is ACD I-Lab 2.0. This is an upgrade to the original
I-Lab system and additionly includes two extra modules:

A collection of software modules that provide predictions relating
to the pharmacokinetic profiling of compounds, specifically their
Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion properties.

ACD/Tox Suite
A collection of modules that predict probabilities for basic toxicity
endpoints and includes such things as Acute Toxicity, Aquatic Toxicity
and Eye/Skin Irritation.

For further details on I-Lab 2.0 see:


Tip of the Day

Please avoid bookmarking the point of access to specific databases (we
may change URLs in the future).

We recommend that you initially login via the form on the CDS homepage
(click "To Home" in the pulldown menu from other CDS webpages). See
the CDS homepage for the latest details on database updates and other
system information.

Do we have your Correct Details?

Please check the address and other registration details we have on
file. Do we have your most up to date email address, phone number or
department? If not please correct them. We would also be grateful if
you could check current details of your research fields and funding

These details can be accessed and changed via a link under the
"Registration" heading on the CDS homepage. However, you will need to
login prior to accessing the link.

If you are leaving your current position and moving to a new UK
academic institution you may wish to change your site details as well.
However, it may be more more straightforward to UNSUBSCRIBE (see
details at the end of this email) and then re-register.

Please get in touch with us if you encounter problems. Also get in
touch if you are registered with more than one CDS username and
receive multiple copies of our broadcast messages. We are keen to
remove duplicate usernames.
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