CDS email message - CDS/15/08/12/a

Sent 15 Aug 2012

Detherm Password Issues, reboot, etc

Detherm, CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks server problems

There were hardware problems with the Detherm server which resulted in
loss of the Detherm client system on the 5th August. The problems were
fixed on the 7th August. The web based system was not affected by
these problems. 

If you are a user of the Detherm client and are still encountering
access problems you may have to reset your CDS password. Details have
been posted on the CDS homepage. But for further details see the link:

The server problems outlined above also affected CrystalWeb and
CrystalWorks for a brief period. For further information see:

Server Reboots

Please note that there will be reboots of various CDS servers today
15th August at 6.15pm. We remind users that the Service is "at risk"
for routine system reboots on Wednesdays. Keep an eye on the CDS
homepage for details.

Tip of the Day

Please ensure you have a secure CDS password. If you have any doubts
about your password security please reset it. You can reset your
password via the link:
You can also access this webpage via the "Registration" header in the
top pulldown menu on all CDS webpages.

To change your password to a new one of your choice you will need to
know your old one. If you have forgotten this you can get a temporary
replacement one via the "Forgot Password?" link on the CDS homepage.

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