CDS email message - CDS/05/09/12/a

Sent 05 Sep 2012

The CDS discussion list

The Twitter and the JISCMail Discussion List

We remind CDS users and other interested parties that the Chemical
Database Service has a presence on Twitter (@cds_daresbury).

We also retain our JISCMail discussion list (cds-uk). This list
provides a forum for discussion of topics of interest to users of the
EPSRC Chemical Database Service.  We believe that discussion lists can
still play a worthwhile role - especially where more in depth
contributions are appropriate.

Many of you may be aware that important radical changes to the Service
are comimg up shortly. Users may wish to make use of this open forum
to discuss implications of these changes.

The discussion list has been rather quiet of late, but we invite you
to consider subscribing. Follow the link:

You can also access this link via the "Service Overview" header on the
CDS homepage.