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Sent 07 Sep 2012

CSD Release gives CrystalWeb One Million Entries

The Cambridge Structural Database Aug2012 Update:

We wish to remind users that the CSD update Aug2012 is available
via ConQuest, Mercury, etc. 

There is now a total of 624,927 CSD structures. 

All the entries in this release are also available via CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks
and this smashes the One Million entry milestone (1,003,234) !

For information about new features in the release, follow the link to
the Newsfile:

News about CrystalWorks and CrystalWeb:

There have been some improvements in the formatting of the CrystalWeb hits screen.

A problem where entries for CrystMet without coordinates were not correctly flagged 
has now been fixed in CrystalWeb as well as CrystalWorks.

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