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Sent 25 Sep 2012

Detherm 2010 withdrawal on 1st Nov

Detherm 2011 client must be used instead of the 2010 one after 1st Nov 

In March this year the 2011 release of Detherm data was made available 
by CDS that was incompatible with the Windows client from the 2010 release. 

The new client is able to access both the old and new versions of the 
database and must be installed before November. 

To do this installation you need to have Windows administrator privileges
and so IT support help may be required.

To check the client version, simply start it and the new one has 
"Detherm 2011.3" displayed at the top left of the application window. 

The new 2011 data is accessed using the server name ""

If you need to upgrade the client, follow the instructions at

and access the data in the client using the server name "".

NB you will not need to reinstall any of the Oracle software.

From Nov the old data will no longer be available and so the old client will be obsolete.
If you try to access the new data from the old client, some functions will seem to work
while others will give a spurious "No Data" error message.

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