CDS email message - CDS/31/10/12/a

Sent 31 Oct 2012

Database updates and other news

Inorganic Crystal Structure Database update

The latest ICSD update (2012/2) includes an additional 6,637 entries
making a total of 156,679 ICSD crystal structures. The update is
already available via the ICSD-WWW interface.

CrystalWeb and CrystalWorks will be updated shortly to include this
ICSD data update. We will post a notification on the CDS homepage as
soon as it becomes available

For further details see:

Available Chemical update

The Suppliers catalogue has been updated with new compounds and prices
for Sigma-Aldrich, Apollo, Key Organics, Life Chemicals, Zelinsky,
BioBlocks, Adesis and Toronto Research.

They can all be searched together or individually.
The total number of entries is now 400,534. 

For further details see:

Old Detherm client to be withdrawn

Please note the old Detherm client and access to its associated data
will cease to work very soon (will actually be withdrawn 2/11/12). See
the recent broadcast message for details on how to upgrade if you have
not done so already.

Service hand over plans

We are still unable to provide more hard information about any hand
over arrangements for the Service. Please accept our further apologies.

We appreciate that users may have concerns about this matter, but
unfortunately we are still subject to circumstances beyond the control
of members the current CDS team. 

We will add further news as soon as we get it: