CDS email message - CDS/30/11/12/a

Sent 30 Nov 2012

Important Service update

Withdrawal of Daresbury Chemical Database Service Support

Dear Colleague

As you will know the EPSRC is not providing funding to run the 
Daresbury Chemical Database Service after December 2012. In an 
attempt to reduce unnecessary costs, two secondary servers 
have been powered off.

This will not affect the current service but may introduce some
extra delays in recovery in the event of a catastrophic failure 
of a front line server.

We will keep you informed of any further measures that may be 
necessary in the near future and likely consequences.

The RSC have issued a press release "RSC statement on National 
Chemical Database service" on November 28th at

Note: Please be aware that the new RSC Service is likely to be
significantly different from the present Service and some 
databases currently available from Daresbury will not be 
available with the new RSC Service.

As yet the CDS team has received no contact with regard to 
details of proposed transfer arrangements to the new service to
be provided by the RSC.

In the interim we will provide further information as and when we
receive it. Please keep an eye on the CDS homepage, follow us on
Twitter (@cds_daresbury) or access the link to the Newsfile:

We will also send out further broadcast messages when there are any
significant news updates.