CDS email message - CDS/19/12/12/b

Sent 18 Dec 2012

Service Termination Notice 3

Facilities on offer from the RSC

Dear Colleague

This message follows from our earlier messages about the closure of
the Chemical Database Service at Daresbury.

Details of the RSC service are appearing via Chemistry World

The RSC is providing some details of hoped for functionality of their
proposed service via the comments section of a recent article
appearing on the Chemistry World website.

To keep abreast with this emerging information please access this
article, which is entitled "RSC to launch new Chemical Database

The comments section following the article would appear to be a good
place to view queries and comments from the community and any
responses from the RSC. Also note that the CDS-UK Discussion List
remains open. You can also add your comments there.

If you have any concerns you are strongly encouraged to add your own
queries and comments at the Chemistry World site and/or the CDS-UK
discussion list.

The CDS at Daresbury website will remain accessible after 02/01/13 as
a vehicle for providing any future information should it become

We have been lead to believe that the RSC intend to add an FAQ section
to their web site which will provide access to their proposed services.

For further details see the Newsfile maintained by the CDS at