CDS email message - CDS/19/12/12/b

Sent 20 Dec 2012

Service Termination Notice 4

More information regarding the new Service from the RSC

Dear Colleague

An FAQ section has now been added to the CDS/RSC web site which gives 
further details about databases and access mechanisms.

We understand that there may have been some misunderstanding about the 
transfer of usernames, passwords and saved data from CDS/DL to CDS/RSC. 
In reality we received a very recent request from the RSC asking us to 
make a global transfer of such information. Clearly this would have been 
totally impossible if we were to abide by Data Protection legislation.

We do encouraged you to transfer any wanted data as soon as possible.

The CDS/DL servers will no longer be supported under our contract with
the EPSRC beyond 31st December 2012, and you will not have login
access. However, if you find that you have any important research data
resident on the DL system beyond that point we will endeavour to make
arrangements for it to be transferred to you personally if you contact
us via

For further details see the Newsfile maintained by the CDS at Daresbury.

This message follows from our earlier messages about the closure of
the Chemical Database Service at Daresbury.