CDS email message - CDS/02/01/13/1

Sent 02 Jan 2013

Service Termination Notice 5

General Access to databases at the CDS at Daresbury has ceased

Login database access for off-site users has now been disabled. Users
who were already logged in beforehand may find that they retain access
in their current session. Such access will, however, timeout after a

Please note that access within the STFC domain will continue for a
further period, which will be subject to review. The STFC domain
basically includes the Daresbury and Rutherford sites as well as the
Diamond Light Source.

Please note that STFC access is available to all usernames - it
includes visitors to STFC/Diamond facilities and is not restricted to
those registered with a specific STFC username. For this reason all
current usernames will be retained on the Daresbury server for a
period at least. The CDS/DL website will also remain in place.

We are also exploring the possibility of restoring general access to a
limited range of facilities. This is only likely to happen if there is
a proven need after the RSC service is in place. Also an adequate
funding source will need to be found. 

Access to general information on the CDS website is still possible via
the link:

Access to the RSC system

The RSC have announced via their Twitter link that user access to
databases on their service would be available from 'around lunchtime'
2/1/13. Established users of the Daresbury Service and prospective
users of the new service should access the RSC/CDS web site:

For further details see the Newsfile maintained by the CDS at Daresbury.

This message follows from our earlier messages about the closure of
the Chemical Database Service at Daresbury.