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Sent 07 Jan 2013

Message from the RSC

Dear Colleague

We have been asked to pass on this message from the RSC (between +++

The new EPSRC National Chemical Database Service went live on Jan 2nd
and is available at

The initial services are the ACD/I-Lab2, the Cambridge Structural 
Database, SPRESIWeb, ICSD, the Available Chemicals Directory, and 
selected RSC databases. We are working on getting DETHERM included.

Authentication is by IP address and we'll be building in Shibboleth 
authentication in the first half of the year. There's a registration 
box to let us know if we don't have the right IPs against your 
institution.  As access to the CSD is via XWindows, we email out the
connection details after users have accepted a T&C clickthrough.

There's additional information and some introductory emails available
on the CDS blog at:

and you can contact us with any questions or feedback at,
updates on twitter as @cds_rsc

Best wishes

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