CDS email message - CDS/05/02/13/a

Sent 05 Feb 2013

New versions of CrystalWorks

There is now a version of CrystalWorks which does not require JAVA for
structure display. In particular it will work on tablets and phones as
well as workstations where Java may not have been installed because of
security concerns.

The Jmol structure display system is now available via the new "JSmol"
system. JSmol provides an alternative to the Jmol applet within

Please note that to use the full search capabilities of CrystalWorks
you needed to be a logged on user. At present you can only login
within the STFC domain. 

For further details see the Newsfiles:

This message follows from an earlier message about the closure of the
Chemical Database Service at Daresbury and details of the RSC system..