CDS email message - CDS/08/03/13/a

Sent 08 Mar 2013

CrystalWorks login access

CrystalWorks logins have been reinstated for CDS/Daresbury users

We have reinstated login access for CrystalWorks for those who have
retained a valid username for the original National Chemical Database
Service at Daresbury. If you receive this broadcast message by email
it is likely that you have retained a valid CDS/DL username!

Please note that this facility is currently not available, by default,
to anyone who has only used the more recent CDS/RSC system. Also this
Crystalworks service is made available on a temporary basis only and
may well have to be withdrawn after the 31st of this month.

Logged on users have access to the full CrystalWorks search facilities
- you are not restricted to the sets of demonstrations Hits Lists
available prior to login.

How to login to CrystalWorks

Login access to CrystalWorks is available on most CDS webpages. Select
a CrystalWorks option via the Access Data link. When the Top Level
Menu appears you can click the "Username logon" button and enter your
CDS ID and password.

Please note that access to other database systems at Daresbury (via
use of the CDS homepage login form) continues to be restricted to
users within the STFC domain. 

For further details see: