CDS email message - CDS/12/03/13/a

Sent 12 Mar 2013

CDS/DL password reset

Web-based Password Resetting Facility reinstated

We understand that established CDS/DL users are finding CrystalWorks
useful (see our earlier broadcast message). However, some of you may
have forgotten your passwords and been unable to access the
CrystalWorks search options. Since you can now login from outside the
"STFC domain" we have restored the password reset facility.

The procedure is as before in that you simply click on the "Forgot
Password?" link on the CDS/Daresbury homepage and follow instruction.
You can once again get an immediate response 24 hours a day/seven days
a week.

Unfortunately access to all other CDS databases systems is still
restricted to users within the STFC domain. Also you need to be within
the STFC domain to register as a new user or change your password to
your personal choice.

CrystalWorks Structure Display Options

We wish to remind you that the Jmol structure display system is now
available via the new "JSmol" system. JSmol provides an alternative to
the Jmol applet within CrystalWorks.

This means that Jmol functionality is now available on system which do
not support Java. In particular this includes tablets and phone (iOS,
Android) as well as workstations where Java may not have been
installed because of security concerns.

JSmol can provide most of the graphic functionality of Jmol using
JavaScript. It, however, requires the graphics capabilities provided
by HTML5. Most modern browsers will provide these feature, but you may
encounter problems with earlier versions of Internet Explorer. 

We have made the recent modification and the JSmol/HTML5 option now
appears be working satisfactory for Internet Explorer 9 (we do not
have access to IE10). Please give use feedback on IE9/10 and any other
systems you may be using.  

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