CDS email message - CDS/20/03/13/a

Sent 20 Mar 2013

Withdrawn databases

Database Systems removed from Pulldown Menu System

The databases listed below have now been totally withdrawn from the
CDS at Daresbury and links have been removed from the "Access Data" on
all CDS webpages. If you continue to see the related options please
refresh your web browser display. Note that all withdrawn systems
have, since 1st January 2013, only been available within the "STFC

Pages relating to the various component remain on the CDS web site. We
believe they may contain useful reference material, but they may be
removed at some point in the future. 

1. I-Lab2.0

Web browser access to the ACD/Labs system is available to the UK
academic community via the new CDS setup operated by the Royal Society
of Chemistry. There is little point in continuing to duplicate this
facility at Daresbury. The Client/Server ChemSketch system has
specific features which some find very useful. Access will remain in
place from Daresbury to users within the STFC domain via the
Client/Server mechanism until 1st April 2013. On that date our
software licence will expire.

2. Detherm

The RSC site has recently added web access to the Detherm system.
Again there seems to no need to continue providing this this via
Daresbury. Client/Server access to the Detherm system gives additional
functionality as compared to the web browser system. We will continue
to provide such access to users within the STFC domain. This system
will remain available after 1st April, but there will be no data and
software updates beyond that point. Longer term support for Detherm by
Daresbury and the scope of access will be reviewed at some point in
the future.

3. ChemAxon database systems

Daresbury personnel mantained three molecular databases. The
information was aggregated by the CDS at Daresbury from information
provided by the suppliers. Access has been implemented using the JChem
package made available by ChemAxon Ltd. Support is no longer
available, and regretfully we are forced to withdraw these system.

Three components have been removed comprising "Available Chemical",
"Screening Compounds" and "Building Blocks" molecular databases. There
is a partial alternative available on the RSC in the form of the
Accelrys Available Chemical Directory.

4. SpresiWeb and Chemisches Zentralblatt

These are comprehensive databases of chemical structure (both
SpresiWeb and Chemisches Zentralblatt) and reaction information
(SpresiWeb). Chemisches Zentralblatt. 

Chemisches Zentralblatt was available on a trial basis. SpresiWeb was
a well established component of the CDS at Daresbury. The DL licence
for SpresiWeb expires 31st March. Alternative access to SpresiWeb is
now available via the RSC site.

5. SpecSurf

The SpecSurf (SpecInfo multitechnique datebase system from Chemical
Concepts) has also been withdrawn. This is primarily because of
support issues. Alternative coverage covering many aspects is now
available via the I-Lab system from the RSC.

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