CDS email message - CDS/31/03/13/a

Sent 31 Mar 2013

Cambridge Update - STFC domain

This broadcast email message is intended for users of the Chemical
Database Service at Daresbury who have access to the network within
the STFC domain.

The CDS at Daresbury has recently obtained a full site licence for the
Cambridge Structural Database System. This has allowed us to update
our copy of the CSDS to the latest full Release (version 5.34). We
have also added the most recent (February 2013) data update.

All registered users of CDS/DL who are within the STFC network domain
can now logon to the Daresbury server and access these latest CSD data
and software upgrades. 

Access to IsoStar (knowledge base of non-bonded interactions)is also
possible from the CDS homepage, there is a new version of the IsoStar
Client software available on the website download area. Again you need
to be within the STFC network domain to access these features.

We would also like to point out that access the Cambridge WebCSD
system is now possible for Daresbury and Rutherford users via the link:

This is available to onsite users and those using the VPN system.

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