CDS email message - CDS/18/04/13/a

Sent 18 Apr 2013

CrystalWeb and CrystMet- STFC domain

This broadcast email message is intended for users of the STFC
Chemical Database Service operated by Daresbury. It is of relevance to
those who have access to the network within the STFC domain.

CrystMet has been withdrawn for the moment

The CrystMet database has been removed from CrystalWorks. This is
because our previous licence covering networked provision has expired,
and new arrangements are not as yet in place.

It is hoped that suitable arrangements can be made to restore this
useful facility as soon as possible. 

For technical reasons it is difficult to modify CrystalWeb for use
without CrystMet. We have, therefore, withdrawn CrystalWeb.

It is recommended that you switch to CrystalWorks. A version of this
is available with the CrystMet component excluded. 

It is planned to fully witdraw CrystalWeb and ICSD-WWW

With the current stage of development of CrystalWeb we believe it now
makes sense to remove both CrystalWeb and ICSD-WWW on a permanent basis.

We welcome comments and suggestions from STFC users about this proposal.

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