CDS email message - CDS/03/05/13/a

Sent 03 May 2013

Cambridge update added to CrystalWorks

The Feb13 CSD data update has now been added to CrystalWorks. This
adds 13,610 new entries, and brings the total number of entries from
all databases to 880,151.

Users within the STFC domain already have access to Update 2013/1 for
the ICSD database. This is available via the ICSD-WWW interface. This
added 4,358 new entries. ICSD 2013/1 is currently being processed and
all entries will be added to CrystalWorks very soon.

We will post a message about the addition of new ICSD data entries to
CrystalWorks on the CDS homepage and via the CrystalWorks newsfile:

Also see links to related newsfiles and broadcast messages: