CDS email message - CDS/16/05/13/a

Sent 16 May 2013

CrystalWorks reminder

We remind you that general login access to CrystalWorks will be
withdrawn tomorrow. 

General national login access to Crystalworks will be withdrawn on
the 17 May. This will happen at around 12.00 noon.

This is required so we can comply with the conditions of our current
database licences following the transfer of the main service to the
RSC. Hopefully arrangements can be made to restore full access at some
point in the future. We will post further information as it becomes

Please note that the "Login first" form on the CDS Homepage will
remain available to registered CDS users if they are in a posiition to
access the service from within the STFC Network Domain (Daresbury,
Rutherford and the Diamond Light Source).  The "Login first" form will
continue to provide a method of logging in to CrystalWorks. This
covers both local STFC and DLS staff as well as visitors to the sites.

CrystalWorks searching is available only to logged on users.
CrystalWorks will, however, remain available in "demonstration" mode.
This means you can still view the two sets of representative structure
entries which we will continue to provide on the Top Level Menu. Full
CrystalWorks functionality is then available for all of these sample

We plan to add further new features to CrystalWorks. Most of these
should be testable using demonstration mode.

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