CDS email message - CDS/17/05/13/a

Sent 17 May 2013

General CrystalWorks logins now withdrawn

General national login access to CrystalWorks has now been withdrawn.
This means that you will, in general, not be able to login for a new
CrystalWorks session. However, if you were already logged on you may
find you are able to contine with database searches for a period.

Access via the 'Login first..' form on the CDS homepage remains
available to those within the STFC network domain. To make use of this
mechanism you need to be on site at Daresbury, Rutherford or the
Diamond Light Source.

We will broadcast information on future CrystalWorks availability if
and when circumstances change. We will send this to all currently
registered users on the CDS/DL system.

We expect to receive further database updates. In addition
CrystalWorks developments are likely to continue. Details will
continue to be posted on the CDS homepage. However, we do not propose
sending general broadcast messages other than to those of you we have
reason to believe have access the the STFC domain. We will send a
follow on message to users on our list later today. Please send us
notification if you wish wish to be removed from our list or wish to
be added.

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