CDS email message - CDS/09/09/13/a

Sent 09 Sep 2013

Access to the CDS at Daresbury - 1

Email contact problems

There were some problems with email contact via the email address Some messages between 30/8/13 and 6/9/13 may have
been lost. Please resend any messages you may have sent to us during
that period if you are still awaiting a reply.

Current CDS/DL Access

As announced previously general national login access to the CDS at
Daresbury has now been withdrawn. This means that at present you will,
in general, not be able to login for database searching.

Access via the 'Login first..' form on the CDS homepage remains
available to those within the STFC network domain. To make use of this
mechanism you need to be on site at Daresbury, Rutherford or the
Diamond Light Source. 

We will broadcast information on future general availability of
systems such as CrystalWorks if and when circumstances change. This
will be to all currently registered CDS/DL users. 

A 'demo' version of Crystalworks continues to be accessible from the
CDS homepage. The demo version has full CrystalWorks functionality
except for the full search options.

Information for User with Access to STFC Facilities

We maintain a list of users we believe have some access to the STFC
network domain. We will continue to send information on database
updates and software developments to list members. A test message to
the list will be sent out shortly. Please contact us if you do not
receive this test message and wish to be added to the list. We are
also happy to remove anyone who no longer has STFC site access.