CDS email message - CDS/19/10/13/a

Sent 19 Oct 2013

CrystMet is back in CrystalWorks

CrystMet has been restored

CrystMet 4.8.0 is now available again via the CrystalWorks web browser
interface. This follows from the recent agreement with the Royal
Society of Chemistry to provide CrystalWorks via the CDS/RSC web portal.

This bring the total number of searchable entries available to
CrystalWorks back to over the one millions mark.  In addition it is
hoped to get the latest CrystMet data update quite soon.

See link to related newsfiles and broadcast messages:

Tips of the Day

You are advised to test the HTML5 (non-JAVA) of CrystalWorks. Most
browsers (including Internet Explorer 9 and above) now support HTML5.
Also the JSmol structure display program (replacement for JMol) works
well in our experience. 

We are getting increasing numbers of reports about problems with JAVA.
We propose to withdraw the JAVA version of CrystalWorks at some stage
quite soon. Please get back to if this is likely to
create problems for you.