CDS email message - CDS/30/10/13/a

Sent 30 Oct 2013

ICSD-WWW within STFC domain

Dear Colleague

You are receiving this message because you are on the list of CDS
users we believe may have access to the STFC network domain (either as
a STFC member of staff or user of research facilities).

ICSD-WWW has been restored with STFC domain

ICSD-WWW is available again to registered CDS/DL users for access
within the STFC network domain (Daresbury, Rutherford and the Diamond
Light Source).

Note that all ICSD data is available for searching via the
CrystalWorks system, and it is expected that ICSD-WWW will be removed
permanently from the Daresbury server in the relatively near future.

We are aware that ICSD-WWW has functionality which many of you still
find useful. We plan to further augment the capabilities of
CrystalWorks. Please contact us via if you have
concerns about specific ICSD-WWW features which you believe could
usefully be added to Crystalworks.

We remind you that ICSD data is also available via the "ICSD Web"
interface on the EPSRC Chemisty National Database Service operated by
the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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