CDS email message - CDS/30/10/13/

Sent 30 Oct 2013

Login access to the CDS at Daresbury

Current CDS/DL Access

As you may be aware general access using via the 'Login first..' form
on the CDS homepage was withdrawn for technical reasons. Use of the
form was restricted to those users within the STFC network domain. We
are pleased to announce that this facility is again available to
all registered CDS/DL. There is not restriction on location. 

We now recommend that you login first before clicking the "Access
Data" link. Apologies for any recent confusion about this Login form.

You will also notice that the ICSD-WWW option has been restore to the
Access Data link. However, access to ICSD-WWW is available only to
those with the STFC domain.

Please note that usernames used for the CDS at Daresbury are distinct
from any usernames issued by the Royal Society of Chemistry National
Chemical Datbase Service. However, we expect that CrystalWorks will be
incorporated into the RSC system quite soon.

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