CDS email message - CDS/10/10/13/a

Sent 10 Dec 2013

ICSD Update - STFC domain

ICSD Database Update

This broadcast email message is mainly intended for users of the
Chemical Database Service at Daresbury who have access to the network
within the STFC domain.

The CDS at Daresbury has recently obtained the latest Update to the
ICSD database (2013/2).

All registered users of CDS/DL who are within the STFC network domain
can now access data via the ICSD-WWW link on the CDS homepage.

The latest ICSD update (2013/2) includes an additional  entries
making a total of 166,842 ICSD crystal structures. CrystalWorks will
be updated shortly to include this ICSD data update.

We have experienced some problems during the updating process for the
ICSD database.

Users may have experienced problems accessing ICSD-WWW between
approximately 11:30 and 14:40 on 10/12/13. ICSD entries within
CrystalWorks were also affected. This involved display of structural
information, coordinate downloads and powder diffraction simulation.

Please contact if you still encounter any problems
with ICSD-WWW and CrystalWorks. 

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