CDS email message - CDS/24/12/13/a

Sent 24 Dec 13

ICSD update information

The recent ICSD update, now available via CrystalWorks, adds 5,815 new
entries. A number of these entries have full author forename
information rather than simply initials. This created problems for our
data uploading procedure. For instance a number of author fields were
no longer searchable and some author display fields where corrupted.

For data consistency full forename have now been converted to
initials, and all author fields should now be fully searchable.

Please repeat any searches where you suspect there may have been
problems. Report any continuing problems to

Please note that CrystalWorks is now available both via the STFC CDS
server at Daresbury:

and via the RSC NCDS server

Please note that the Daresbury site will be closed between Christmas
and New Year. However, if there are no hardware problems CrystalWorks
will remain fully available during that period.

For further information follow the links:

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