CDS email message - CDS/23/02/14/a

Sent 23 Feb 14

CrystalWorks ASAP entries

ASAP (As Soon As Publishable) articles are now appearing in the
Cambridge Structural Database made available via CrysalWorks. This
means that for structures published in a number of major journals
there is no need to delay until an article appears in print form. The
drawback is that year, volume and page information is not immediately

Year/volume/page information will be added to the CSD for the ASAP
article as it becomes available. At present it not clear on what time
scale for this will happen, but you can, of course, check the article
DOI for any year/volume/page updates.

Publically available structures within the the Southampton eCrystals
Repository are now being abstracted by Cambridge Crystallographic Data
Centre, and have appeared in the latest CSD update. 

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