CDS email message - CDS/11/03/14/a

Sent 11 Mar 2014

Cambridge within STFC domain

Dear Colleague

You are receiving this message because you are on the list of CDS/DL
users we believe may have access to the STFC network domain (either as
an STFC member of staff or user of research facilities).

The Cambridge Structural Database System February 2014 Update is now
available to registered CDS/DL users for access within the STFC
network domain (Daresbury, Rutherford and the Diamond Light Source).

The Cambridge Structural Database System is CSD v5.35 (2014 Release
with Nov 2013 and Feb 2014 update). The total number of entries is now
694,855  including 19,566 new ones (Feb14 update) 

Please note that the Mogul knowledge base has been updated in parallel
with this CSD data update

The updated data will also be added to CrystalWorks as soon as
possible. CrystalWorks access is available also outside the STFC
domain and via the CDS/RSC website

For further information follow the links: