CDS email message - CDS/18/03/14/a

Sent 18 Mar 2014

CrystalWorks Cambridge Feb14 update

Data from the Cambridge February 2014 Update now available in

This adds 19,566 entries, bringing the number of entries from the CSD
to 694,855. It brings the total from all databases to 1,089,790.

We have received report of issues with Cambridge "no coordinates"
entries. In some cases these were not flagged correctly as such for
Hits Lists in the Top Level menu. Also the system would occasionally
hang when attempting to access the lower level menus.

We believe this has now been succesfully corrected with this latest
update. However, please contact us on if you suspect
any continuing problems.

Note this data update is currently only available for access through
the CDS/DL website. Access to the new data via the RSC service will be
implemented shortly. 

For further information follow the links: