CDS email message - CDS/25/03/14/a

Sent 25 Mar 2014

Cambridge and ICSD-WWW within STFC domain

Dear Colleague

You have been sent this message because you are on the list of CDS/DL
users we believe have access to the STFC network domain (either as an
STFC member of staff or user of research facilities).

The Cambridge Structural Database System

  All CDS/DL users within the STFC network domain (Daresbury,
  Rutherford and the Diamond Light Source) can logon onto the CDS
  server ( to run database search software. 

  We have recently installed the latest update to the Cambridge
  Structural Database System. This update includes significant
  improvements for both Mercury and Mogul. For details check the news
  page links given below:

The ICSD-WWW Interface

  Access to the ICSD-WWW interface is currently available from the
  CDS/DL webpages but is also only available to CDS/DL users within
  the STFC networks domain.
  The ICSD database is also available to CDS/DL users via CrystalWorks
  (without network restrictions). CrystalWorks and ICSD Internet are
  also available via the RSC NCDS website.

  Unfortunately the STFC site licence for ICSD-WWW is due to expire at
  the end of this month. At that point we will probably have to
  withdraw ICSD-WWW access - access to CrystalWorks and the ICSD
  Internet interface will continue.
  Most facilities provided within ICSD-WWW are now available via the
  other interfaces. In particular we have added ICSD-WWW powder
  diffraction simulationa functionality functionality to CrystalWorks.
  We hope to add further features such as thermal ellipsoid and
  polyhedral display in the near future.
  Please contact us on if withdrawal of ICSD-WWW will
  cause you paricular problems. Please tell us if there are specific
  additional features we could usefully add to CrystalWorks.

  For further information follow the links: