CDS email message - CDS/27/03/14/a

Sent 27 Mar 2014

Network problems outsite Daresbury

Networks problems accessing CDS/DL outsite Daresbury

  There have been network access problems. Users from outside the
  Daresbury site will have experienced no or unreliable access from
  ~7:00 to ~17:00 on 26/03/14.

  The access now appears to be stable. 
  Apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact us via if you suspect any continuing problems.
CrystalWorks Issues

  During the period of networks instability users are likely to have
  experienced problems accessing CrystalWorks both direction via the
  CDS/DL website and via the RSC national Chemical Database Service.

  Intermittent access to CrystalWorks may have been possible, but it
  is unlikely that the system would have worked correctly. Please
  repeat any CrystalWorks searches.
  CrystalWorks users should also note that there have been recent
  upgrades in the way the system handle 2-D structure display. These
  change apply to both direct CDS/DL access and via the RSC website.

  For details see the CrystalWorks news page:

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