CDS email message - CDS/27/03/14/b

Sent 27 Mar 2014

ICSD-WWW will be withdrawn

Dear Colleague

You have been sent this message because you are on the list of CDS/DL
users we believe have access to the STFC network domain (either as an
STFC member of staff or user of research facilities).

The ICSD-WWW Interface

  Access to the ICSD-WWW interface is currently available from the
  CDS/DL webpages but is only available to CDS/DL users within the
  STFC networks domain.
  Because of licensing issues we will be required to remove ICSD-WWW
  from the CDS/DL website. This will happen on Monday 31/03/14.

  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 
  Please see the previous message relating to this change: