Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

ICSD is a database of inorganic and related structures. It is produced cooperatively by FIZ Karlsruhe and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The ICSD was searchable via two different web browser interfaces (CrystalWorks and ICSD-WWW) on the CDS/DL website.

Please note that all access to ICSD-WWW has now been withdrawn on the CDS/DL website.

Access to the ICSD database via CrystalWorks continues both via the CDS/DL and Royal Society of Chemistry national CDS site.
The ICSD Internet version (replacement for ICSD-WWW) is also available via the CDS/RSC site.

Example of ICSD within CrystalWorks

Structure of Tetraphosporus hexaoxide (ICSD collection code 62026) displayed using JSmol within CrystalWorks

The ICSD database contains approximately 200,000 structures and is updated twice a year. For up to date details on ICSD contents and details of related database use the menu bar above.

Access CrystalWorks via the CDS/DL Hompage. Login then use the CrystalWorks header at the top of the page. Select the Classic plus COD option.