Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

ICSD is a database of inorganic and related structures. It is produced cooperatively by FIZ Karlsruhe. The ICSD was searchable via two different web browser interfaces (CrystalWorks and ICSD-WWW) on the CDS/DL website.

Please note that all access to ICSD-WWW has now been withdrawn on the CDS/DL website.

Access to the ICSD database via CrystalWorks continues both via the CDS/DL and the Physical Sciences Data-Science Service portal

The ICSD Internet version (replacement for ICSD-WWW) is also available via the PSDS portal.

Example of ICSD within CrystalWorks

Structure of Tetraphosporus hexaoxide (ICSD collection code 62026) displayed using JSmol within CrystalWorks

The ICSD database contains over a quarter of a million structures and is updated twice a year. For up to date details on ICSD contents and details of related database use the menu bar above.

Access CrystalWorks via the CDS/DL Hompage. Login then use the CrystalWorks header at the top of the page. To use ICSD the login option is required. Eligible users can register via the CDS/DL homepage.