Manage HitLists

Hit the tab labelled Manage Hitlists. On the left-hand side of the Manage Hitlists screen the pull-down menus under List A and List B have search1 and search2 listed as the default. Select a different search from the pull-down menu under List A or List B. Both the check-boxes next to List A and List B should be deselected (these can enable a combination of hitlists to include suppressed entries.

The three check-boxes listed on the left-hand side of the Manage Hitlists screen (labelled common to List A and List B, in either List A or List B, in List A but not in List B) represent the logical operations available for combining search results. Select an operation (e.g. common to List A and List B) and hit OK.

The results of combining these two hitlists, search1 and search2, are given in the Hitlist Overview pane and indicate that 1 entry is common to both searches. The default name for the hitlist combination, combination1, appears under Name, on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, along with the searches used to create this hitlist combination.

To save a combination of two hitlists, ensure that the hitlist combination is selected in the Manage Hitlists screen (if it is not, display it by using the Results top-level menu option, then select Combinations from the resulting pull-down menu to display the hitlist combination of your choice).
Pick File from the top-level menu and Save Hitlist Combination or Save Hitlist Combination As... in the resulting pull-down menu. The first of these options will only be available if the hitlist has already been saved and since modified.

Saved hitlist combinations will be given the extension .chl which can be read back into ConQuest and displayed in View Results as if the combination had just been created and modified.

The full overview for the hitlist combination is shown above; you can toggle between the full overview and the brief overview shown by default by selecting the appropriate check-boxes.

Renaming, Annotating, Viewing and Deleting Hitlists

Various options are available for renaming, annotating, viewing and deleting either searches or hitlists including combinations; some of these options also apply to Refcode lists:

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