View Results Screen

The original Build Queries window is redisplayed in View Results mode and by default shows the Diagram screen.


The progress of the search is shown at the bottom right hand corner .

The hits appear in the right hand window.

To exclude a hit from the list, click on the green tick green tick. It should change to a red cross red cross

To restore a hit to the list, click on the red cross red cross. It should change back to a green tick green tick

If search parameters have been set, then the results should be shown at the top right of the structure window. This can be turned off or on by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen .

If   Detach Diagram button   is selected the 2D diagram will be detached into its own window enabling the 2D diagram and any other panes in View Results to be viewed simultaneously.

Selection of   Use As Query button   , from either the detached window or from the Diagram tab, allows you to use the 2D chemical diagram of the current hit as the starting point for a new search. A use-as-Query Options dialogue box is generated for the query allowing you to:

  • Include/exclude hydrogen atoms.
  • Select only the largest chemical unit.
  • Make each chemical unit into a separate query.
  • Include all chemical units in a single query.

Other data for the highlighted hit can be viewed by clicking on one of the left hand side tabs.

Note that the Build Queries window now shows all the queries that have been set up.

These queries can be edited or deleted, or they can be combined by first clicking on the Combine Queries tab..

An overview of the last search can also been seen by clicking on the Search Overview tab in View Results mode.

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