ConQuest Menu Options

Edit Menu

If a query has been deleted (when in Combine Queries), it can be undeleted by choosing the Edit menu option Undelete Queries.

Similarly, if a Hitlist has been deleted (when in Manage Hitlists), it can be restored by choosing the Edit menu option Restore Hitlists.

Options Menu


Allows the current filter options to be changed.


Changes which filters are displayed.


Turns Balloon Help on or off and configures the browser for use with the Help menu.

View Databases

Goes directly to the View Results window and makes all the entries available in the right hand side list. Scrolling down the alphabetical list is a quick way of finding an entry.


Any number of searches can be run in a single ConQuest session and combinations of searches made. To switch between the searches or combinations, click on the Results menu option and choose one of the available options.

A star next to the search means that it has not been saved or modified since it was last saved.

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